Corporate Volunteering


Centennial Parklands provides around 360 hectare of space for a diverse range of activities and visitors.

Over 25 million visits are made to the Parklands each year and while it is great that such a large number of people enjoy this beautiful public space, it is important to balance usage with sustainability.

Centennial Parklands is a self-funded public parklands. Corporate Volunteer contributions enhance the environment of the Parklands for the native fauna and visitors and provide valuable assistance in maintaining what is one of the most popularly visited green spaces in Australia.

What activities are available?

Volunteer activities include:

  • Habitat restoration which may include one or more of the following tasks: weeding, mulching, planting and litter pick-up.
  • Other activities such as carp fishing to or painting the iconic horse fence.

Corporate support is valued by the Trust and is important in sustaining the Parklands.

Our Corporate activities are a blend of team building, social interaction and working to improve the environment.

What will you need?

Qualified and experienced staff will meet, greet and induct your team. We provide all the equipment and training needed for a worthwhile and safe volunteering experience.

We are close to the City, have great parking and the work you do is essential in keeping Centennial Parklands a beautiful public space for the entire community.

Come and enjoy a day away from the office where your company will benefit from increased team morale and improve the environment at the same time.

Please ensure that your staff bring a hat, sunscreen, and water, a raincoat in case of rain, and wear appropriate clothing and covered footwear with good soles.

What does it cost?

Programs require a donation to the Centennial Parklands Foundation to cover service provider and expenditure.

How do I volunteer my organisation?

Corporate volunteers are needed today, so contact the Parklands Volunteer Coordinator on (02) 9339 6699 or email