Animal Habitat sponsorship

Sponsoring an animal habitat within Centennial Parklands is a great way to learn about how to protect animals and their habitat.

For just $5 a month, or $60 a year (tax deductible) you can sponsor the habitat of one of the animals that have made Centennial Parklands their home:

  • Sydney Basin Turtle
  • Brushtailed Possum
  • Black Swan
  • Fairy Wren
  • Grey-headed Flying Fox
  • Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny FrogmouthBy sponsoring an animal habitat you are supporting the work of the Foundation to protect the animals in the Parklands. This includes:

  • protecting and preserving threatened species such as Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub
  • improving pond water quality for birds, fish, turtles and frogs, in the largest freshwater wetland system in metropolitan Sydney
  • managing pest species such as European carp and introducing native Australian bass into the pond system
  • planting wetland plants to provide places for feeding, resting, hiding and raising young
  • nurturing trees and shrubs to provide hollows for roosting and nesting; open canopies for insectivorous bats; twiggy growth favoured by some spiders; a litter layer where invertebrates can thrive; bark of many textures as insect habitat; flowers which attract butterflies; and fruits as food for birds and flying foxes
  • researching the lives of the Parklands’ inhabitants, such as the Australian White Ibis population

Once you have selected your animal you will receive:

  • A fact sheet about your chosen animal
  • An animal habitat sponsorship certificate

Become a Sponsor today.

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