Corporate Sponsorship

As part of the delivery of the Centennial Parklands Plan of Management 2006-2016, the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust has developed a Capital Investment Program that outlines a wide range of capital works, infrastructure upgrades, asset creation, heritage restoration and large-scale environmental improvement programs across Centennial Parkalnds.

Many of these projects are developed through consultation with the community or by demand from an ever-growing visitor and user base.

The Centennial Parklands Foundation works closely with the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust in identifying and engaging various sources of funding and philanthropic giving to support the fulfilment of this Program.

Centennial Parklands is reliant on your support. Corporations and philanthropically-minded organisations are invited to contribute directly to this program through corporate sponsorship of particular projects (see how The Pratt Foundation and Visy worked with the Foundation and the NSW Government on building a new Education Precinct in Centennial Park).

A mutual benefit

Through your organisations generous support, the community will benefit through the construction, redevelopment, restoration or provision of a facility or asset that may not have otherwise been provided.

And in return...

Your organisation may receive:

  • community and Parklands recognition
  • ability to align your brand or organisation with an iconic Australian location
  • corporate goodwill
  • access to experts and opportunities within the Parklands venues

With over 11 million visits made every year to these Parklands, this is a great opportunity to raise your profile through supporting a highly visited and much-loved location.

Enquire about corporate sponsorship today

We need your help today, please contact the Centennial Parklands Foundation to discuss the varied projects available to sponsor or otherwise support.

Phone: (02) 9339 6699