Fund a major project

Centennial Parklands is a significant cultural and natural landscape in the heart of the Sydney metropolitan area. The Parklands is a place of historic, social and environmental significance, and receives around 25 million visits a year.

Paperbark Trees in Centennial ParkWhile popular, this has resulted in many competing and changing demands for the Parklands use and enjoyment.

In the background is one immutable fact - Centennial Parklands is a self-funded public parklands. We must generate the funds to keep these Parklands alive, accessible and sustainable - environmentally sustainable, socially sustainable and financially sustainable.

To cope with these pressures we focus much of our efforts at funding a wide range of Parklands improvement projects every year to improve the Parklands facilities, environment, infrastructure, general presentation and improve overall management.

We cannot do this alone, however, and require assistance from the corporate and philanthropic communities to help deliver these projects and sustain these Parklands for future generations.


How you can fund a major project in the Parklands

We have earmarked a number of environmental, educational and heritage projects that require major funding and support over the next 12 months and beyond to ensure these projects come to fruition.

In addition to taxation benefits, recognition and sponsorship benefit packages can be customised to ensure maximum returns on an investment in the Parklands.


What major projects require funding

Can you help?

If you can support one of these projects personally or you are able to refer an opportunity to a corporate company to sponsor one as a part of their sustainability program, please contact us on (02) 9339 6633 or email