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Ensure a Sustainable Future for Your Parklands

By making a gift to the Centennial Parklands Foundation Legacy Fund you will be supporting the ongoing Conservation, Nature Education and Community Wellbeing initiatives, programs and facilities within Centennial Parklands. 

In a usual year Centennial Parklands generates 100% of its operating income through its operations and donations via the Centennial Parklands Foundation. The Legacy Fund is a vital lifeline, to help bridge the funding gap in the day to day programming, maintenance and upkeep of the Parklands.

Join us in safeguarding Centennial Parklands for generations to come.

HELP to nourish and care for the Parklands’ 15,000+ trees.
ENABLE native bush regeneration programs to flourish.
SUPPORT childhood development through Nature Play Education Programs. 
CONTRIBUTE to the upkeep of sports fields for community benefit and enjoyment.
PROTECT our critical open green spaces.

Make a positive impact for your community and DONATE to Your Parklands today.  

Centennial Parklands Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.